Berkeley Machine Learning Tea


Machine learning tea is a weekly informal gathering for statistics and machine learning researchers and those working in systems, AI, natural language, vision, computational biology, etc., hoping to apply statistical techniques. At the gathering, we will be entertained by a 15-30 minute mini-talk on an interesting application, technique, dataset, or puzzle. Snacks and drinks will be served.


When: Weds. 3-4pm

Where: Soda Hall Fifth Floor Lounge 


    4:00pm - tea and cookies

    4:15pm - talk

    4:35pm - questions + discussion


Please volunteer to give a tea talk! Contact the tea masters at (tea-organizers AT if you're interested.

Subscribe to tea AT to get email announcements about the tea.

Why tea? We are inspired by the grand traditions at Gatsby, Toronto, and MIT.


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How do I get to machine learning tea?

The Fifth Floor Lounge is in Soda Hall, which is here. Go in the entrance on Le Roy Ave and proceed up the stairs on your left to the fifth floor.  You should see the door to the Fifth Floor Lounge adorned with a "Machine Learning Tea" sign.  If the door is closed, knock, and it shall be opened.